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Women Step Forward

Our Ambition

Women Step Forward’s ambition is to radically accelerate the leadership capacity of women and create a robust women in leadership pipeline.

Our fabulous baby boomers are reaching retirement age but we are fortunate to have a pool of talent ready to respond and step forward. By 2020 millennials will be the largest workforce in the planet providing us access to a generation of women who are ambitious and well educated like no other.

Equipping millennials with the knowledge, expertise and experiences to prepare them to be future leaders is now a critical organisational strategy that responds to the generational changes in our workforce.

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Upcoming Event

Lessons learned by a young women leader

What is it like to be a young women ambitious to obtain a job with a sense of purpose, and eager to lead with courage and integrity? What leadership lessons do women need to be ready for? How should these women be led?

If you are interested in the advancement of women and leadership then this event is for you.

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Invest in yourself

We make it simple – view one of our leadership plans

Next Generation Leader

Chase your leadership dreams. Your journey to greatness starts NOW.

Strengths Based Coaching

Embrace who you are, know your own strengths, decide what you want and go out and get it!

Wahine Toa
Meet Ups

Space and time to hang out, connect and learn with and from like-minded women.

Invest in your people

Lead the way – unleash the talent of the next generation

Millennial Workshop
for Executives

A workshop designed to transform leader’s perspectives on who these emerging leaders are, what they need and can offer and how organisations can attract, lead, retain and advance the next generation of women leaders.

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Customised Millennial Workshop
for Executives

We will work with your people to gauge their experience, insight and suggestions for change and will tailor our millennial workshop to the needs of your people and organisation.

What They’re Saying

“Melanie is a high energy facilitator who designs well thought out programmes that deliver return on investment from the get go. Her straight up approach is reassuring and gets the best out of people in a highly engaging way. Above all, she gets results.”

Matthew NeedhamChief Financial Officer, Housing New Zealand

“Melanie delivered a programme on human factors to my senior leaders cohort. She delivered her expertise and knowledge with aplomb and good humour. She tailored her programme specifically to our people and they responded enthusiastically.”

Russell BurnardGeneral Manager Operations, Service Delivery & Operations, Department of Internal Affairs

“The passion and energy Melanie has is contagious and truly motivating! I worked closely with Melanie on a large organisation event and her drive to deliver the project to a high standard was inspiring. Melanie has helped grow my confidence professionally and personally and the continuous support she has given me has been amazing.”

Kelly BorstCulture and Capability Advisor, Department of Internal Affairs (Millennial)

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