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Customised Workshop for Executives

Take leadership development one step further with a customised Millennial Workshop. We will work with your leaders and/or women millennials to gauge employee insight and identify areas for change. Strategies to attract, lead, retain and advance women millennials will be tailored to the needs of your people and organisation.

What is included in the Customised Workshop for Executives?

Bust the Myths

We bust the common myths surrounding the millennial workforce.

Transform Perspectives

We transform leaders perspectives on who these emerging leaders are, what they need and what they can offer.

Employee Engagement

We design and run sessions with your leaders and/or women millennials to assess levels of engagement and gain their feedback on what could be improved.

Crack the Code

We provide organisational-wide and individual strategies to enable you to tap into this pool of talent.

Key outcomes for your organisation

Understand Millennials

Understand the definition and characteristics of millennials.

Develop Strategies

Clarify how to position your organisation and talent strategies towards the attraction, retention and advancement of women millennials.

Attract and Retain

Increase your understanding about what is holding your organisation back from attracting and retaining women millennials.

Build Leadership

Increased capability of senior leaders to sponsor and develop young women for future leadership positions.

Intergenerational Leadership

Appreciate the different generations present in today’s workplace and how to best work with them.

Plan Implementation

Agreed an implementation plan to support a new way of working with women millennials.

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