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Next Generation Leader

To navigate a successful leadership career you need to build your self awareness, confidence, leadership know-how and capability. Next Generation Leader’s content and delivery is built on international leadership development best practice, it utilises two leadership diagnostic tools and reflects the voice of our young women.

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What will I learn?

The Next Generation Leader is a two month comprehensive leadership development programme that responds to young women’s desire to understand and articulate who they are, what they want to achieve and how they are going to get there.

It supports learning and development in key areas of leadership competency to enable our young women to realise their potential and experience great transformation.


Harness your strengths and develop your authentic leadership style.


Create a strong reputation that positions you for career advancement.


Lead and manage generational diversity and build high performing teams.


Build resilience and manage road blocks and challenges.


Manoeuvre through office politics and influence and persuade others to gain results.


Understand leadership roles and learn about leadership styles and behaviours that get results.

What is included in the Next Generation Leader Programme?

Leadership Tools

Two leadership diagnostic tools will be run prior to the programme commencing. Results will be released to you prior to the two day workshop.

Pre-Workshop Workbook

A workbook will be issued to help you consider the results and reflect on your strengths, leadership style and career goals.

Strengths Based Coaching

One on one strengths based coaching to enhance understanding and learn how to utilise your assessment results to build your leadership career. Session is up to 2 hours.


A tool that will identify your top five talents and provide critical insight into your leadership style and how you can develop your talents into strengths to maximise your performance.

360° Feedback

A report comprised of feedback from a selection of people you work with and your own assessment of your performance providing critical insight into your strengths, opportunities for growth and any development areas.

Workshop Day 1

The focus of day one is to consider past, current and emerging trends for women in leadership. We will dig deep and learn who you are and how to unleash the power of you.

  • Women in leadership – emerging trends
  • Develop self-awareness and harness your strengths
  • Find your passion to lead
  • Develop your authentic leadership style
  • A brand called you
  • Know your worth

Workshop Day 2

The focus of day two is to learn how to build confidence, resilience, lead people and manage and influence up and across. You will gain leadership wisdom, insight, fierce determination and know-how that will enable you to self-initiate and advance your leadership career.

  • Lead with confidence
  • The road to resilience
  • Influence with clout
  • Building teams and intergenerational leadership
  • Career advancement

Executive Support

A facilitated session with you and your manager to seek endorsement and sponsorship of your career and leadership development action plan (approximately two weeks after completing the two-day workshop).

Group Coaching

A two-hour group coaching session will be held to offer group support, discuss implementation progress and challenges and enable participants to learn from each other (approximately six weeks after the two-day workshop).

Check in 360°

A check in assessment completed by you and the previous participants from your place of work to see how you are progressing against your key areas of focus.

Facebook Membership

Membership to Women Step Forward facebook page – an online village of like-minded young women. A community. A safe space to connect, talk and support each other, share stories and best practice.

Strength Based Coaching (optional extra)

One on one strengths based coaching to help you stay on track and supported to successfully implement your career and leadership development action plan or provide you with advice for any job or leadership challenges you may have.

What will you come away with

Fierce Determination

Leadership wisdom, insight and fierce determination and energy to advance your career.

Increased Self Awareness

Self awareness and increased confidence to pursue your passion and use your strengths to develop into a successful and authentic leader.

Career and Leadership Action Plan

A plan that builds on your passion and values, strengths and opportunity areas and serves as a roadmap for the future identifying areas of focus that close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

Self Management Tools

Awareness of your impulses, blind spots and road blocks and how to manage these to ensure a successful career.

Confidence to Lead

Improved understanding and skills in leading people and teams, managing relationships, influencing and resilience to enable you to lead with confidence.

Gender and Diversity Intelligence

Appreciation and ability to navigate and leverage gender equality, diversity and inclusion trends.

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